If you are acquainted with poker, you would easily master Open Face Chinese poker. Standard combinations and some general rules of game organization are common, but the gameplay differs. If you miss action playing famous poker variations, you will enjoy OFC poker. Anybody can easily learn this game, no matter whether you are a newcomer or experienced poker player.  Find out more about some popular variations of this game and challenge yourself!

Open Face Chinese poker is a variation of the classic Chinese poker which, however, has become more popular than its ancestor. OFC is more dynamic, as compared to the classic game, and it is more skill-oriented. The standard deck is used for the game, jokers out, four players maximum.


You will receive 5 cards in the first round.

The dealer starts counting from the person to the left from the button.

You have to receive 13 cards in total, every other round gives you 1 card.


Your aim is to arrange cards, one by one, into 3 rows, called front, middle, back.

Front row has 3 cards, it must contain the weakest combination of all rows.

The middle row has 5 cards, it is stronger than the front one, but weaker than back.

Back row contains 5 cards and the strongest combination.

If you break the rule of rows, your hand is considered mis-set, or fouled, and you have lost.


Combinations in the rows are usual: from the High card to the Royal flush. The 3-card row has combinations from High card to the Three of a kind with three Aces as the best hand.

The first round has gone, everyone received and arranged 5 cards. Next, you will receive 1 card per round, until each player has three full rows (13 cards).

The thing is to build a stronger hand than your opponents did – meaning, you aim at the best combination in every row.


Dealing is over, it’s time to compare the hands (as usual, clockwise from the player to the left from the button). Each row is compared to the corresponding rows of your opponents. If your row is better, it gives you 1 point. If you managed to win all three rows, you are rewarded with additional 3 points (+6 total). By the way, winning all three rows is called scooping. Extra points can be won by arranging royalties – see the chart below.

Fouling (i.e. your rows are mis-set) means for you owing 6 points to every your opponent with the proper hand. And if some of them have royalties, you are unlucky to owe the royalty points additionally.


Royalties are bonus points for some card combinations set in a particular row. If you have Four of a kind in the back row, for example, you earn additional 10 points. But let’s assume your opponent has Flush in the same row, which means 4 points. As a result, you earn +7 points for the row (10-4, and +1 points for winning the row).


And here is the chart of royalty points in every row.


Fantasy Land

Fantasy land is a bonus game in OFC, which gives you the advantage over the opponents.

You will have the benefit during the next hand, since all 13 cards will be dealt to you at once. Your opponents continue an ordinary game, without knowing your cards.

For that, you have to arrange minimum QQ or better in the front row (without fouling, of course).

Staying with the Fantasy Land two times successively is more complicated: you must get minimum Three of a kind in the front, Full House in the middle, or Four of a kind in the back row.

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